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A growing part of the population (14% of young children and 40% of older people) has digestive troubles and/or allergies when they consume animal milk and dairy products due to the intolerance to lactose and/or cow milk proteins.

Cow milk consumption presents numerous disadvantages:

A frequently lactose intolerance

In order to be assimilated, the lactose (milk sugar) must be metabolised by an enzyme called lactose. However, this enzyme provokes a digestion issue of the lactose (in other words the cow milk) to numerous people. A fermentative action appears in the intestine due to flatulencies, intestinal cramps or diarrhoea. These phenomena are the signs to lactose intolerances.

A source of diet allergies

Milk proteins, especially the casein and the lactalbumin, can be responsible to allergic reactions. This cow milk allergy can be reflected by eczema, asthma and diarrheal episodes. It appears very early to young children.

Gluten Free


As the milk, the gluten can be responsible to allergy issues and intolerances. The difference is than the gluten allergy is an unusual immune system problem and that the gluten intolerance – or ‘celiac disease’ is a permanent intolerance from some protein fractions of the gluten: a cereal protein such as rye, oat, wheat, barley, kamut or spelt.

The ‘celiac disease’ would concern 1% of the people in the world. It is an autoimmune disease which provokes the destruction of the villi of the small intestine with the syndrome of a nutrients malabsorption, especially iron, calcium and folic acid B9.

Symptoms can be more or less sharp with an appetite loss, apathy, growth delay, skin teguments pallor, watery stool, liquids and more frequently distended abdomen and hypotonic…

For the infant, the first signs can appear soon after the weaning period during the flour introduction with gluten cereals.

In case of an established diagnostic by a medical professional and confirmed by a blood test and biopsies on the upper region of the small intestine which reveals an intestinal villi atrophy, the treatment has to be a strict exclusion of any source of gluten with sometimes the exclusion of dairy products during crisis period. A diet must be often followed for life.

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