Our commitments

Choosing La Mandorle means choosing right natural foods of a good nutrient density and of a high tolerance concealing ‘pleasure and health’. In order to satisfy every expectation, La Mandorle is committed to always offer the best products possible with the strongest guarantees within a sustainable ecological objective.

- To insure traceability and transparency of our products.

- To guarantee a total control of the industry and the allergens:

  • Our manufacturing site is strictly dedicated to gluten free products which exclude all kind of raw materials containing or involving a risk of contamination.

- To bring a better nutritional expertise:

  • Our specialised team of nutritionists and naturopaths both conceives and manages the ranges of products and also remains daily at your disposal for adapted answers.

- To guarantee the respect of responsible actions:

  • At each processing step of the flow and energy management level solutions are undertaken to insure and contribute to a better environmental, social and economic future.

- To insure an optimal traceability and a national recognition:

  • Our products are subject to the control and the validation of certification bodies and of medical professionals.

- To offer organic and ‘ecological’ almonds by working on the safeguard of traditional orchards and by guaranteeing the respect of the ecosystem balance and of the fruits nutritional quality in the culture practices.


La Mandorle controls every processing step from the selection of the raw materials to insure the best traceability and transparency guarantees:amandes brunes la mandorle

- Ingredients: each ingredient is subject to a careful selection from specified suppliers while focusing on local partnerships.

- Food supplements: all of our nutritional supplements are selected according to recent nutrition study criteria and naturopathy principles. They are issued from the most natural and organic sources.

- Formulations: each product recipe is optimised thanks to strategic nutritional supplements for targeted synergies.

- Packaging: packaging items, inks and communication supports are all chosen according to ecological criteria with a sustainable responsibility objective.

- Production: Processes are as much important as the ingredients or the formulation; fabrication processes are crucial to preserve or potentiate a formulation. Each fabrication process is studied and defined to answer the objectives.

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