La Mandorle

La Mandorle, Almond milk specialist since 1989

La-Mandorle-AmandeFamily business created in 1989, La Mandorle has been the first organic almond milk producer in France.

La Mandorle has been conceiving since always milk free and gluten free products made with almonds and dry fruits. A wide range of drinks is proposed to answer to several consumption habits: vegetal beverages, complete breakfasts and culinary preparations.

Your wellbeing is at the heart of our innovations, La Mandorle team is daily invested to bring solutions and enable you to remain the main actor of your health.

Choosing La Mandorle means choosing right natural foods of a good nutrient density and of a high tolerance concealing "Pleasure, Health & Natural Living".

As being very committed to the dry fruits virtues and aware of their potential in nutrition, La Mandorle has developed with the support of the French Ministry of Research a patent of invention for the process of vegetal drinks with a unique approach in terms of composition, formulation, process, digestive tolerance and above all nutritional answers.

La Mandorle also is your expert in organic plant-based nutrition

Protein+, Plant Quartet

Unique vegetable answer guaranteeing the intake of a complete plant-based protein thanks to a balance in the amino acids insured by the studied association of 4 proteins.

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Baby Mandorle : 1st organic plant-based infant range

A full range of infant formulas and cereals based on organic rice proteins hydrolysate for 0 to 3 years old! Baby Mandorle is guaranteed lactose free, gluten free and palm oil free.

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Discover our Coconut Milk ! Source of Fibres & Iron Milk-, gluten- and soy-free To drink or to cook       

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NEW !Discover our Almond & Rice Milk ! Source of Calcium, Phosphorus & Magnesium Milk-, gluten- and soy-free To drink or to cook       

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Discover our chocolate Almond Milk ! Source of Calcium, Magnesium & Iron Milk-, gluten- and soy-free To use for breakfast or at teatime       

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